Queen’s Day in Amsterdam

Queen's Day in Amsterdam

Celebrating Queen’s Day in Amsterdam

Queen’s Day is a national holiday in the Netherlands, held each year on the 30th April and this year is special as it marks the abdication of Queen Beatrix and the coronation of her eldest son, Willem-Alexander. Locals and visitors clad themselves in orange, in a display of pride for the Royal family, the house of Orange-Nassau and celebrate from Queens night on the 29th April until late on the first Kings night on the 30th April.

The canals are crowded with brightly decorated boats and revelers, while the streets become one huge flea market. This market is the chance for everyone to buy and sell all manner of things, from unwanted household items, toys, to food and drink. Anyone can set up a stall, however Vodelpark is traditionally the place for the children to set up stalls and perform. Young entrepreneurs set up market stalls, busk and invent games for other children to play to earn some pocket money. As the day progresses, market stalls are packed away and stages are set up in most neighbourhoods creating a city wide carnival, with bands and DJ’s playing  and people dancing and drinking in the street. There is a fantastic vibe in Amsterdam throughout the whole day and it is the perfect way to experience all things Dutch.

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