beautiful felt balls arrive in the post

I lo2013-02-27 04.57.18ve it when the doorbell rings and the postman has a parcel for me. So many possibilities inside one little box. Today  I received my first order of felt balls. I have seen so many fun projects to make with these fluffy little balls and  can not  wait to get started on the many projects I have planned for them. Stay tuned to see what becomes of these little balls of fun.


colourful felt wine gift bags

IMG_4951I love wine, so whenever I go to friends for a dinner party, I take a bottle or two, as is polite, but am often handing my friends a lovely bottle of wine in a crinkly brown paper bag, boring and ugly. So I thought to myself,  how can I pretty up a bottle of wine quickly…Lets make a gift bag!

This lovely little gift bag can, from start to finish, be machine sewn in about 30 minutes and hand sewn in less than 2 hours,  so is perfect for that last minute gift giving.

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