Fun Felt Animal Masks for kids


Felt Animal Masks
(pattern purchased at

I have been having lots of fun making these cute animal masks which I purchased from Ebony Shae designs. 

Her designs are really affordable at only a couple of dollars each and easy to download.

You can make one of these furry felt friends in a couple of hours with just a few felt pieces and some elastic. I made these for my niece Kiera and hope to upload some of her wearing these ASAP.

wet felted computer sleeve

Wet Felted Laptop Sleeve

Wet felted laptop sleeve

Wet felted laptop sleeve

I have been very lucky to be the recipient of  a new MacBook Air, so instead of buying a sleeve to protect it, I thought it was the perfect opportunity to try my hand at wet felting a laptop sleeve. Everyone seems to be toting around a laptop, ipad, notebook or mobile phone of some kind these days so this is the perfect gift idea and it is very easy to adapt this method to any computer or phone as long as you have the dimensions of the device. Do not be put off by the length of this tutorial, It is relatively easy and the steps are mostly repetitive, so give it a go and lets get felting…. Continue reading

Needle felted whale baby rattle

Needle felted baby rattle by Milo & Ben

Needle felted baby rattle by Milo & Ben

While browsing the internet this morning I came across this fabulous tutorial by Melissa, from Milo & Ben for an adorable needle felted whale rattle. I have not done much needle felting, but Melissa makes it seem so easy and this rattle is so cute, I think I will have to give it a try. I will keep you updated with my attempts. Have a look at Melissa’s other needle felted creations on her Etsy page or check out her blog.

Felt cherry blossom sprigs, tutorial

Felt cherry blossom sprig

Spring is in the air and the cherry blossom trees are blooming in a beautiful array of pink and white flowers.  Unfortunately though, these blossoms only last a few weeks at most,  and then, these beautiful flowers float away for another year.

So let us make some lovely cherry blossom sprigs that will last all year long. To make these lovely sprigs you will first need to make at least 10 wet felted cherry blossoms depending on how many sprigs you would like to make. When you have made your lovely felted cherry blossoms, and they are dry, you are ready to make your cherry blossom sprigs in 3 very easy steps…
Continue reading

Wet felted flower, tutorial

Felted cherry blossoms

Felted cherry blossoms

It is spring in Amsterdam at the moment and all the parks and gardens are blooming with colourful flowers, so I thought we should do a tutorial inspired by spring, cherry blossoms. Felt flowers are an easy way to begin making 3D felted projects, as they are small and easy to handle and limited only by your own imagination. Felt flowers are very versatile and once you have made a few you, you can use them on hair clips, to decorate clothing, presents or as a brooch. I will show you in the next tutorial a few ideas and ways to use these pretty little blossoms. Continue reading

Brightly coloured 80cm felt ball rug

Brightly coloured, felt ball rug

Brightly coloured, felt ball rug

My niece is the lucky recipient for this gorgeous, brightly coloured rug. It is relatively easy to make,  but takes a long time to complete. Be warned, this project will take time and patience.  It is, however, very satisfying to make for yourself,  as it is so beautiful to look at and feels lovely to walk on. It is like having a  little massage for your feet. Now that I have completed this one for my niece, I want one for myself, to brighten up my lounge room, just not sure if I have the patience to do it all over again. Continue reading

Felt cake to enjoy

Ikat bag – felt cake

I was browsing some of my favourite sites today on the internet and found this great tutorial to make  a dreamy felt cake with zero calories at ikat bag. I love that the decorations are all changeable depending on the occasion or your mood and that you can serve a single slice.  I will definately be adding this to my someday project list.

Making Felt Balls


Pink, blue and purple felt balls

I decided to use my lovely store brought felt balls to make a mat for my nieces birthday. After separating all the colours I decided I wanted it to be mostly pinks, blues and purples to match her room rather than a true freckle inspired mat. Looking at the colours that I had I thought it would be pretty if I had more pale pink balls in the mix. Luckily I had some pale pink roving already which I thought would be perfect to make some felt balls. Continue reading

rainy day cloud and the girl with her red umbrella


2013-02-27 02.41.27

girl with her red umbrella


Amsterdam has been cold and rainy of late and instead of being miserable and complaining about the rain, I thought why not make something fun to cheer up those rainy days. Girl with the red umbrella reminds me of those childhood days when splashing in puddles and spinning our umbrellas in the rain was lots of fun. I promise a tutorial for her will follow real soon. In the mean time, remember you are never too old to splash in puddles…