Camden Markets

Camden Lock - handmade notebook covers

Camden Lock – handmade notebook covers

Camden lock, Camden stables, Camden lock village, Camden market, Inverness street and the electric ballroom combined make-up the Camden market group, which attracts enormous crowds to Camden Town every weekend. Some parts of the market are also open during the week and if you do not like crowds this is the time to come. If you love people watching, like me, Camden is the place to be, grab a drink and settle in because these markets attract a wide variety of people from all over the world.

Electric ballroom - Emma Jane clothing cuff links

Electric ballroom – Emma Jane clothing cuff links

The electric ballroom is all indoors and offers some alternative clothing stalls, great music and is always dry and warm. This is also a little less crowded than other areas of the market an is a nice place to escape too when the street gets too much.

Fav stall of the day: Emma Jane clothing with her rockabilly style clothing and frilly knickers and cuff links and earrings


Camden market (Buck street)

Camden market (Buck street)

Camden Market (Buck Street) has a lot of clothing stalls squeezed into narrow corridors selling vary similar items. If it is T-shirts with Banksy prints or slogans you are after this is the place to find them.

Inverness Street had only a couple of stalls on the rainy Saturday that I went to check it out, but if you are in the area it is easy enough to cross the road and see what stalls are around.

Camden Lock and Camden Stables seem to merge together somewhere in the middle and are my favourite area to visit in the Camden markets. Here you will find anything including hand crafts, jewellery, handmade bookcovers, vintage cameras, magic stalls and food from around the globe, over looking the lock

Camden Lock & Camden Stables - Forms, delightful gift ware

Camden Lock & Camden Stables – Forms, delightful gift ware

and snugled into the arches. It is a maze of discovery here and there seems to be no order in where the stalls are situated, but just relax and go with the crowd and who knows what stall will be waiting for you around the corner. Fav shop of the day: Forms – a hidden gem on the top of the stairs. Inside this miniscule shop everything has been perfectly chossen and displayed so nicely it is hard not to want to buy everything inside this delightful shop.

Camden Lock Village - quirky dining options

Camden Lock Village – quirky dining options

Camden Lock Village market has alot of your typical food court style vendors to grab a quick bite with some quirky seating options over looking the water. There are some great stalls in this area, howeev they are out numbered with similar new clothing range stalls that you also find on Buck street. If you are willing to look, there are great street clothing , shoe and jewellery stalls here with original designs definately worth checking out.

Camden Markets is easily accessible via either Camden Town or Chalk Farm Road tube station.





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  1. Hi Christina, just popped over to have a look at your lovely blog – saw your post on JustB Blog School. I love this post about the markets. I live in New Zealand and try and get to as many markets as possible and have a stall sometimes too.

    Well done on your blog, it looks great.

    • Hi Christine, I am always looking for new markets around the world and for people to share reviews and photos from their favourite markets, if you would like to contribute please let me know. I would be excited to see what New Zealand has to offer 🙂

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